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On August 10th Nana Barsha and Papa Stuart said

Gary, thank you so much for taking us along with you and Susan on your unforgettable journey to unite with your beautiful daughter and be made whole.  Through your detailed daily descriptions, we feel as though we are there beside you.  It means so much to us to be part of this incredible experience.  As your hearts fill with love and joy, so do ours.  Our tears have dried up, replaced by smiles and laughter.  Thanks again for sharing with us.

On August 7th, Brother Ben said:

Ok she's SOOOOOOOO cute!!! You have no idea how excited I am to see her and have her here and spend a whole week with her! I literally check the site every day in hopes of seeing more pictures of her. All my friends said they all want to (and are willing to) drive all the way to Highland Park to see my new baby sister. I'm really happy for the family and Dad, but I'm especially happy for Susan. She's your first child and I know you'll love her and raise her well.

On August 7th Uncle Jim said:

What a wonderful story for all three of you.  Enjoy and continued success with everyone’s transition...

On August 7th Richie said:

I just your journal and was moved to tears. 

Congratulations and Mazol Tov.

Miss you, and can't wait to meet my niece!


On August 7th Abbi (and Jeffrey) said:

I cannot express how happy I am for you guys. Looking at the pictures of Amelie just made it so real. She is so beautiful and seems so happy to be in your arms. I cannot wait to hug and squeeze that little peanut. Thanks for the great pictures and I cannot wait for next Wednesday to come. Love you guys.



On August 7th Granpa Bernie and Grandma Millie said:

Dear Amelie

Congrats on finding the 2 best parents of your life, and the rest of the clan.

Cant wait to see you...................................


On August 7th Blanche said:

She is soooo adorable! Mazel Tov!!!! Can't wait to see her at Norton's. Congratulations!!!!


On August 6th Chris said

You are truly blessed from above. I can't get over how absolutely beautiful Amelie is! She’s Perfect! I am so happy for the three of you to finally have each other. I know this has been a very long emotional road, but as we all know, good things come to those who wait!  I look forward to meeting my new best friend and babysitting client! Can't wait to see Amelie in her Recaro- A Lot of Love from all of your friends in the U.S

The following was posted in Chinese by Chris:


On August 6th cousin Jara and David said:

We are so happy for you both!  Amelie Sarah is absolutely beautiful!  I am still wiping the tears from my face after reading your journal entries.  Have a safe trip home with your new daughter.  The big, wonderous journey has only just begun!  We can't wait to meet Amelie!

On August 5th Sheryl said:

What a terrific story.  My heart was breaking for Susan, but then everything turned so quickly; how wonderful it is to be new parents and feel the joy and happiness now radiating from your daughter.  Amelie is so adorable and is as bubbly just like her Mom.  What a perfect fit! Enjoy!

On August 5th Vicki said:

Seems like your adventure never seems to stop....what to do when you get home?  So excited and thrilled for you both.  Reading Garys story was so emotional for me.  Felt like I was with you holding you as you were breathing in the paper bag.  Hang in there will all be a beautiful memory and these moments only happen once in life.  Wishing you more peace in the days to come.  Thinking of you and wishing for a safe return home.  So looking forward to meeting beautiful Amelie.

On August 5th Martha said:

Gary you are doing a great job making us readers feel like we are right there with you!  You are both so lucky and I promise (as I know from experience :)) each day gets better and better..hang in there, it's worth every tear, scream and sleepless night! xoxo

On August 5th Connie said:

As I read the story of your meeting, I began to cry for joy for the two of you.  I hope you are enjoying yourself with your new little one.  I cannot wait to meet her

 On August 5th Gerry said:

Hey guys – I am really happy for you. Glad you have her now. Let us know how things are going.

On August 5th Nana Barsha and Papa Stuart said:

Oh my God!!!! She is sooooo beautiful!!!!  I can't stop looking at her
picture.  As I read your account of your first meeting with Amelie, the
tears were streaming down my face.  I didn't know who I wanted to hug first,
Susan or Amelie.  I hope you are all recovering from that highly emotionally
moment.  The pictures were wonderful.  Keep them coming.  Now you can try to
forget the endless wait.  When you saw that face I'm sure all the
frustration began to fade.

Love you so much

On August 5th Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Fred said:

What a precious gift you have been given; and, in turn, what a remarkable gift you have given us. Amelie Sarah is so incredibly beautiful. Looking at her pictures brought tears to our eyes.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts and emotions…the journey was long and difficult, but finally holding little Amelie in your arms makes it all worth it.


Please keep writing and sending pictures, looking at the three of you together helps make us part of your journey.


We love you very, very much and can’t wait to meet our new granddaughter.


Love and hugs,

On August 5th Patty and Frank said:

I was so excited to see an update from you when I opened my laptop tonite.  Oh Susan, as I was reading Gary's recount,  my stomach was flip flopping for you and I was crying just picturing what it must have been like, going through all of that.  Oh my gosh the emotions! You have your beautiful daughter and we are so happy for both of you.  Please give her a kiss from your friends in NJ and let her know we'll be meeting her soon.  All our love...I'm so happy for you.  Hugz, hugz and more hugz

On August 5th Lisa and Jeff said:

Seeing as you’re 13 hours ahead of us, and you’re ½ way across the world, the good news is you’ve just missed a significant storm here in Lake County.  The better news is that you now have your beautiful bundle of joy in your hands and she’s officially a “GERBER” now!!

We’re very excited to read your journal and know that baby Amelie is excited to have her new parents with her, to comfort and hold her and to make certain she’s prepared for the long journey home.

I mistakenly sent the last email Jeff was writing...I didn’t know there was a new entry about your day yet.  I just finished reading it and am wiping away tears and tears.  I can’t even imagine your happiness and tears of joy as it all hit at once and you were able to meet Amelie for the first time.  We are so thrilled for you and for Amelie and can’t wait to meet her and congratulate you.  What a wonderful, monumental and life-changing experience for all of you—you deserve this happiness!!

On August 5th Candace and Phil said:

Thank you so much for sharing.  I just loved reading your journal... about how you saw Amelie for the first time. I'm sure I'm not the only person grabbing for a kleenex!

My husband and I are in Group 54. As you know, the wait is so hard.  Your website gives us hope our special day will soon be here.


Amelie is so adorable!  I can't wait to see more photos!!!!!!

On August 5th Lisa said:

so incredibly happy for you guys...Gary your journal entry on Aug 4th brought tears to my eyes....You both have so much love to give, Amelie will attach to you both in no time.  so happy for all 6 of you...

On August 5th Auntie Beth, Uncle Ted and Cousins Arie and Zach said:

We are so excited that you have your new daughter.  We can’t wait to meet her.  I love reading your journal!

On August 5th Sheryl said:

Susan and Gary, I am so happy for you and Susan, I hope you are more relaxed and enjoying your new baby girl.  Seems like it was a natural thing, Susan,to become a Mom.  I can't wait to hear more!  Gary , I don't know you, but you sound incredible and it is obvious how much you love and care about

On August 5th Megan said:

Susan and Gary, my heart is overflowing for you and Amelie.  Thank you so much for sharing this journey with us.  God bless your expanded family.


On August 3rd, Don and Yvonne said:

Susan and Gary, Its Sunday night Chicago which means its Monday morning China.  As we prepare our Sunday night dinner we’re thinking it’s only a matter of time now before you see for the first time and pick up your daughter.  As parents we can only imagine the joy and excitement you’re feeling right now. We look forward to reading tomorrows blog entry.

On August 2nd Blanche and Richie said:

We are sooo excited for you all! You get to see her in 2 more days.......I bet the waiting is brutal! Have a safe journey, and we'll keep you all in our thoughts!

On July 31st, Don said:

Susan, well tomorrow you and Gary start on your big adventure. And just think not only will you come back with a ton of memories, but you’ll also come back with a daughter.  After three sons, this will be interesting for Gary. For you, I hope it’s some sort of fulfillment. I know as a father of two what kids bring to your life, everything!  I hope my Chinese lessons have been helpful and just remember, if anyone’s offended with something you say , it’s not my fault.

Enjoy and safe travel.

On July 24th Randy said”

Thats great news! Here are somethings I always try to remember. Andrea and i are looking forward to following your journey.

Making the decision to have a child - it's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body.

If you bungle raising your children, I don't think whatever else you do well matters very much.

I am nothing special; of this I am sure. I am a common man with common thoughts, and I’ve led a common life. There are no monuments dedicated to me and my name will soon be forgotten, but I’ve loved another with all my heart and soul, and to me, this has always been enough


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