Amelie Sarah Ling Gerber
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Mommy & Daddy


This is my mommy and daddy.  My mommy's name is Susan.  She was born in Boston and has also lived in Atlanta.  She met my Daddy and moved to Chicago. Mommy just opened a store...I Love Going To Mommy's Store!!

My daddy's name is Gary.  He has lived in the Chicago area his whole life.

My Brothers


My brother Lucas is on the right. Now, he is 19 Years old. Lucas is going to be a sophomore at DePaul University this fall. Lucas has a bass guitar that he has been playing for a little while now. I cannot wait for him to play for me!!! 

My brother Ben is on the left.  Ben just turned 18 years old. Ben graduated from high school a few weeks ago. He will be a Freshman at University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana. I Hope Ben Likes It! Ben loves music and karate. he earned his black belt earlier this year. I Hope He Continues to do Karate! 

My brother Joe is to my dad's right.  Joe is 14 Years Old. He just graduated from Middle School this week! Plus, he won a very special award. I am so proud of my brother! Joe will be a Freshman at Deerfield High School this fall. I hope he likes it! Joe likes to babysit me on most weekends..I love when he sings to me and rocks me!

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